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          Many people develop fears as they mature and life seems more precious, while others may have experienced a bad flight. You may have a strong imagination, recently started a family, or feel a need to be in control. Young mothers often feel protective and nervous flying with their kids or babies. Regardless of how fears develop, those who suffer can experience sleepless nights, elevated anxiety, and fear of panic attacks. Friends and family often don't understand the problems caused by a fear of flying.
           Concerns may include weather, turbulence, take offs, flying over water, claustrophobia, crowds, losing control (panic attacks), terrorists, hijackings, fear of falling, and fear of heights. Many times these worries are caused by a lack of understanding about what to expect during a flight. Most fearful flyers just need a little help in the form of education, reassurance, and guidance.

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What if the plane hits an air pocket? What causes airplane turbulence? Which are the safest airlines? Can an airliner glide if the engines quit? How likely is an airplane crash? Which seat is best? What about airline safety statistics? Can the doors be opened in flight? How do I cure motion sickness? What about Xanax medicine side effects? Why does the takeoff feel so scary and what is that sinking feeling? What causes aircraft accidents? What is a Regional Jet (RJ)? Flying while disabled, pregnant or with babies & kids? How far from land on over water flights?

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          Hello and welcome, my name is Captain Stacey Chance. I have been flying for a major US airline for over 30 years and have witnessed many nervous and fearful flyers. Air travel doesn't have to be unpleasant, for this reason I have developed this interactive fear of flying program.
          I am not a therapist, but I know what bothers passengers and I have learned how to address these issues. You will find my online course helps foster a positive mind set and inspires confidence as it coaches you on the mysteries of flying, the strange noises you hear, the motions you feel, and associated fears (fear of flying, flight anxiety, claustrophobia, panic attacks, fear of heights and other flying phobias).
          Are you concerned about an upcoming flight? Are you a first time flyer or a frequent flyer, but feel uneasy? I want to help prepare you for your next flight. You can overcome your fear of flying right now using my online Fear of Flying Help Course.

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An Audio Version (Podcast) of the online course is also available. Download the audio file and listen on your computer, mobile MP3 player (iPod/iPhone), or in your car. Take it with you on your next flight!

"This weekend I made my first flight in 20 years! Your website along with your download of the audio course made it happen. I listened to your audio course on the way to the airport and all the way on the plane until they told me to shut it off for takeoff. I then put it back on during the flight. Hearing your voice was so comforting and explaining what I would hear, feel, expect and when was incredible. I understood why we went up steep and then felt like we were settling. There is no doubt in my mind it is because of your audio tape that I had this comfort. At the airport i was so calm and did not spend all the night before worrying about my flight. I cannot thank you enough. I now feel free to fly where ever I want!!"

          Don't be embarrassed or ashamed of your fear, it is quite natural and more common than you think! My Fear of Flying Help Course has helped thousands of people. Here's a small sample of what my graduates have to say:

"Who would have thought that spending an hour at your website would change my life? I flew two five hour flights and didn't have a panic attack! Didn't feel like I was going to faint from fear! Didn't have a racing heart and sweaty palms! I thank you, and my husband thanks you!!"

"Your course has changed my life. I now have the freedom to travel the world without the debilitating anxiety I used to have. I'm recommending your course to everyone!"

"Dear Captain, it has been a pleasure taking your course. You just have no idea how much safer you've made me feel. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this course!"

"My fear was constant, 'How long before it crashes?' I no longer have that fear and I'm looking forward to relaxing on my next flight. I must admit, I was a little skeptical when I started the course, not believing for a minute that it would work."

"Your materials should absolutely be in the pouch on the back of every seat, in every plane."

"This is by far the clearest, most practical, useful, well-written (and funny!!) course on ANY topic I've ever read. I've been afraid of flying a long time now, but thanks to your superb course I'm now free to truly enjoy what I like best: traveling around the world. THANK YOU!!"

"I have to admit, I was absolutely terrified of flying after the 9/11 incident, but this course really made me feel at ease. I missed out on a lot of trips because I was too afraid to fly. After reading this course, I feel more empowered and in control about flying. I am actually excited to go flying!"

"I worked through your course out of interest as I am a clinical psychologist. I was impressed by the clarity of presentation as well as the humor. I will be happy to suggest using your course to anyone with a specific fear of flying."

"Honestly, your course is one of the nicest things I've discovered on the internet. I am a teacher, and your teaching techniques are absolutely incredible. I can't say enough good things about your course. Your tips and advice have really helped me conquer my fear of flying."

"Dear Captain; I want to thank you for a truly wonderful, humorous, caring course. Thank you soooo much! In fact I wish you were the captain on my first flight!"

"Thank you so much, not just on my own behalf but on behalf of everyone else you help with your website, book Wings of Discovery and your new video Prepare to Fly."

"In various points on your website you have quotes from other people taking this course. I thought they were bogus because they seemed too good to be true. I was wrong, your course is the greatest thing since sliced bread."

          You can enroll right here, right now. No schools, seminars, clinics, or classes to attend. No need for drugs, hypnosis, or medication. Take it in the privacy of your home, at your leisure. Is it your kid's first airplane flight? You can also use this online tutorial with its photos, videos, and animations to help your children learn what to expect. And if you're on the go check out the new mobile phone version (www.fearofflyinghelp.mobi) of the online course.

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          My number one priority is the safety and comfort of my passengers, this same philosophy applies here. You may have found that just thinking about flying causes anxiety. I'll make your visit here feel safe and enjoyable. Together we'll explore the fear of flying using a practical, common sense approach. These lessons include interesting behind-the-scenes information about aviation as well as a virtual practice flight and printouts of my unique Support Package. The Support Package includes a fear of flying checklist, informational guide, and relaxation tools to ease your anxiety.

The Course is Free of Charge?

          Yes. 100% free with NO strings attached! After completing the course all that I ask is that you please consider submitting a contribution to help fund this project. Many other programs cost hundreds of dollars, this one is available for YOU anytime, anywhere!

"Dear Captain; This is what I have been looking for, for a long time, something to make me understand. After my flight I will send you feedback. I have already made a contribution. It is so important to continue this wonderful service. Hopefully it will help others in the way that it has helped and touched me, invaluable!!"

          In appreciation of a contribution I have prepared a Fear of Flying Help Course Bonus Web Page which contains additional information, resources, videos, and links developed especially for my graduates. (Also included is a printer friendly version of this online course.)

Please take the time to help yourself - enroll now.

          You have nothing to lose except your fear. In just about an hour you can complete this course and overcome your fear of flying!

Fear of Flying Help Course Contents

     • Elements Needed to Achieve Your Goal
     • What to Expect

Lesson 1: Fear and Anxiety
     • Explanation of Fear, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & Claustrophobia
     • Flying While Pregnant or with Babies/Kids
     • Symptoms, Reactions, and Proven Remedies

Lesson 2: The People Who Work in Aviation
     • The FAA
     • The Air Traffic Controllers (ATC)
     • The Aircraft Mechanics
     • The Pilots
     • The Flight Attendants

Lesson 3: The Aircraft and Its Environment
     • Aircraft Systems, Safety, and Reliability
     • The Basics of Flight
     • Air Traffic & Terrain Avoidance
     • Weather - Fog, Snow, Ice, Thunderstorms, Lightning
     • Turbulence & Air Pockets - Explanations, Avoidance, Misconceptions

Lesson 4: Your Strategy for Success
     • Airline Safety Statistics
     • News Media Hype
     • Terrorism, Hijackings, and Security
     • Layers of Protection
     • Dealing with Fear, Anxiety, and Stress

Lesson 5: Your Virtual Practice Flight
     • How to Prepare for Your Flight Like a Pro
     • Explanations, Videos, and Sounds of Each Phase of Flight
     • Summary

Fear of Flying Help Course updated
This course now contains important information that every passenger should know.

How Do You Get Started?

          It's easy! Just fill in the enrollment form below - It's anonymous and confidential. At least one out of every six adults has a fear of flying (Aviophobia or Aerophobia). Now you can take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about aviation and beat your fear of flying.

          (If you find the use of this course beneficial please consider making a contribution)

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"Who would have thought that spending an hour at your website would change my life?"
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